Friday, 31 July 2015

Tell your friends that they are special with Bikanervala

“Friendship is constant in all things”, 
                   said William Shakespeare.

Friendship’s Day is round the corner and so is so much fun, laughter and cherishable moments! This day is special for each one of us as friends are our companions through the darkest times. 
Commemorating this unique relationship comes this day in the midst of rains of August. Bikanervala understands that friendship is invaluable but some gestures of love will always add some unique value to that infinity. So it comes with a special range of gifts that will help you tell your friends how special they are!

One of Delhi’s best restaurants, Bikanervala, never falls short of making your festivals yummy. With its range of special gift packs of delicious kaju katli and Bikano namkeens being complimented with floral friendship day cards, Bikanervala is all set to make this Friendship’s Day a red letter day for you!

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