Saturday, 5 September 2015

Enjoy a buttery delight at Bikanervala this Janmashtami

Bikanervala wishes you all a very happy Janmashtami!
Janmashtami is the day which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a day which is very close to each of our hearts as Lord Krishna is the god known for his notoriety. He is the operator of the world, but his grandness easily settles in our everyday lives because of his childlike innocence which touches each one of us!
So Janmashtami brings along a spirit of rejuvenation, instilling in each one of us an urge to re-celebrate the innocence of childhood with Dahi Handi and Rasa Lila. As we delve into the mood of revelry, we should never forget to gorge on some Bikanervala sweets as it brings to you the best of sweetness. Lord Krishna guards us from all the vices but something which even he could never resist was the Maakhan made by his Maiya. So this gives us a reason to excuse our diet charts for one day and indulge ourselves in the buttery treats at Bikanervala!
Bikanervala is a follower of Lord Krishna’s teachings and a devotee to his principles. We celebrate his birth with no less love or revelry and as people come and celebrate this day with us, it becomes all the more special and beautiful. We serve you with the best of sweets and make you savor the yummiest drinks as we celebrate the birth of our little Nand Kishore.
So visit your nearest Bikanervala as we celebrate the Indian festival with love, fun and of course, lots of butter and cheese!

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