Saturday, 5 September 2015

Teacher which is as Sweet as all the Sweets we have to offer with Bikanervala!!

Teachers are the ones who are our torchbearers into life. They are the ones who become our role models when we are in grade 3 learning our basics and dreaming of big things, inspirations when we are in grade 8 finding hard to learn new things and counselors as we begin to hit reality in grade 11 and 12. They become all the three as we enter college and try to grasp those big dreams in our life. Teachers are those who can’t merely be thanked by words, they need or in fact deserve way more than that!
Bikanervala brings to you an assortment of sweets which becomes even sweeter when you gift them to your teachers, to the ones who are your role models, the ones who inspire you with their hard-earned life and to the ones who are willing to share with you their wisdom harnessed through their experiences with life. Tell them they are special with Bikanervala!
Bikanervala deeply respects teachers as they are the ones who are all too willing to share their knowledge with their students. Bikanervala loves to serve them each year as Teachers’ Day arrives, reminiscing each one of us of our love-hate relationship with them.
What we at Bikanervala believe is that it often gets too late for us to thank our teachers enough for having bestowed on us the best of their learning. For this to not happen, we ought to gift them something which speaks for us, which definitely can be conveyed just the right way with Bikanervala!
So buy your teachers a sweet box or give them the chocolates they love. Or maybe just ask them out for a treat at Bikanervala! We serve you the best as we completely understand the special relationship of a student and teacher which is as sweet as all the sweets we have to offer!

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